Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Welcome to my Italy. It is all about Calcio...

Hello all.  Welcome to the first post of 'In Search of Luca'.  A blog on all things related to Italy, whether it is Italian football (calcio), culture or food.

Italy has always been a favourite place of mine.  From the first game of Italia 90 to my honeymoon in Tuscany in 2004. It is a country I have an incredible passion for.  So much so, Italy inspired my choice for the name of our 3rd son (seems I was the only one!) . If I'd had my way, he would called Luca.

I have been looking to write for a while now but it's difficult focusing on just one aspect of Italy.  It's hard not to lose focus, there's so much that is amazing about this country.  So, after a long debate (mostly with myself!), I have decided that I should focus on my first experience of Italy, football...Calcio to be specific.  But then, I couldn't write about Italy without also mentioning the food and culture could I? 

I will be writing about the goings on in Serie A. The games, the incidents and the 'Ultras'.  Serie B will get a look in as well. I aim to capture the essence of Italian football right here and share it with a wider audience.  If you share my love of Italian football, then there should be plenty here to keep you occupied.  If you're new to calcio, then I hope this will whet your appetite!

So, thanks for reading this and I hope you will check in regularly to find out more.

Ciao for now...


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